Kenton De KirbyI find teaching and learning endlessly fascinating, not only in the context of formal schooling, but also in the broader sense of teaching and learning as fundamental human activities.

My specific research interests are diverse, as my publications indicate, but they all converge on one fundamental aim: understanding cognitive development in its social and cultural context, and—in doing so—contributing to the creation of more empowering, equitable, and enjoyable learning opportunities for students.

In my ever-unfolding exploration of human cognition and development, I’ve had the immense pleasure and privilege of receiving mentorship from brilliant and notable scholars in neuropsychology, developmental psychology, and linguistics, including Geoffrey Saxe, Laura Sterponi, and George Lakoff.

Research Interests

  • Human Development
  • Culture-Cognition Relations
  • Curriculum Development
  • Mathematics Education

Teaching Interests

  • Developmental Theory
  • Qualitative/Mixed Methods
  • Design-based Research
  • Classroom Discourse